ChordPad 智比高和弦盤



🌟香港研發 專利產品

✔️ 128種不同音色
✔️ 100種敲擊節奏伴奏
✔️ 錄音功能
✔️ 21首MIDI範例音樂
✔️ MIDI輸出供電腦錄音、混音
✔️ 3.5mm輸出孔支援耳機、擴音器、調音台
✔️ 乾、濕電兩用,毋須插線,方便隨時隨地彈唱
✔️ 可配KeypadCover,琴鍵位置一目了然

– ChordPad一部
– 說明書
– 指法表
– KeypadCover膠膜一片
– 火牛一個

DJ Paco ChordPad應用程式已可在App Store免費下載!

🌟Developed in Hong Kong.
🌟Patented Product.
🌟Fingering are easy.
🌟Users can quickly learn to accompany your own singing without the need to attend music lessons.

✔️128 different tones
✔️100 different rhythms
✔️Recording function
✔️21 different MIDI demo musics
✔️MIDI output for recording and editing
✔️3.5mm output ideal for headphones, speakers, amplifiers as well as professional effects mixers
✔️Supports both direct current and batteries. Play music everywhere unplugged.
✔️KeypadCover is available to provide hints of notes’ position

Each ChordPad Box-set contains:
– ChordPad x1
– Product Manual
– Fingering Chart

– KeypadCover x1
– Power Adapter x1

The DJ Paco ChordPad App is now available on App Store for free. Turn your iPad into a ChordPad!
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